Yayasan CSMC Asia is established on 3 Jun 2016 in Malaysia and is ably chaired by Mr Tony Adnerson.

Its primary functions include :

  • Propagating the Mutual Community movement by means of executing Project Mutual Community
  • Being the CSMC Asia appointed foundation/institution in Asia governing Project Mutual Community
  • Charitable organization
  • Appointed launching platform for the Cross-Stratum Coin


The Project Mutual Community states for any participant who funds a financial help to other beneficiary/s via the Project. On entry, he is entitled to a 30% return on his amount used and qualifies for receipt of a financial help from others.

Specific bonuses accrued to participants will have 50% put aside for advance ownership of the Cross-Stratum Coin CSC to be launched in 1st Quarter 2017. Ownership Rules shall apply.


Yayasan CSMC Asia is committed to delivery of the best support platform for sound assistance programmes as well as financial products. It is also a primary goal of the foundation to continue carrying out its charitable functions to the asian society and beyond.

With the impending launch of the Cross-Stratum Coin, members of Yayasan CSMC Asia stand to benefit from the financial rewards that a sound cryptocurrency can bring to investors.

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